Family Owned and Managed

for over 50 Years

Land & Lakes Development Co. was established in 1990 to manage properties near long term excavation sites. Today, we manage more than 3,000 acres in the greater metropolitan Chicago area .

Land & Lakes Development develops residential, commercial and industrial real estate properties. Our expertise lies in site selection, land purchase, negotiation of entitlements and annexation, site design, land improvements and the formation of property owner associations.

Land & Lakes owns a Subtitle D municipal solid waste landfill in southern Cook County, which is currentluy in its closure process. As one of the premier operators of waste disposal sites throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, Land and Lakes is committed to responsible waste management. Land & Lakes has adopted sound landfill designs such as geo-membrane liners, highly engineered capping systems, and advanced leasable and gas management systems to ensure safe and secure containment of waste materials.