Environmental Services

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Clean Construction and Demolition Debris


The Willow Ranch CCDD Fill accepts clean soils including clays and sand, concrete without exposed rebar, rock and brick material. Our clean fill is open up to six days a week year round in order to serve our clients' needs. The site is located on Joliet Road just south of intersection I-55 and I-355. Material requires prior acceptance approval in accordance with Illinois EPA requirements.


The Rio Vista CCDD site accepts construction and demoltion debris and clean soils. The site is conveniently located near the River Bend Prairie environmental campus on 138th Street, Chicago. Material acceptance requires prior approval in accordance with Illinois EPA regulations.


Landscape Waste Composting


Progressive thinking and technical expertise led Land & Lakes to become one of the first environmental service companies in Illinois to receive landscape waste recycling permits. We are Illinois' largest landscape compost site owner in terms of acreage, material taken in, and customers served. Our state-of-the-art composting facilities are operated by major firms including Waste Management of Illinois and Christy Webber Landscapes.


Food Scrap Recycling


Until now, large generators of food waste have had few to no alternate options for disposal other than including food scraps with their normal daily garbage. Today, three of Land & Lakes permitted composte sites can accept food scraps for composting. 


Green Initiatives


Land & Lakes Company is a market leader of green initiatives. From the state's first food scrap composting permits to its first landfill bioreactor, Land & Lakes is at the forefront of green innovatioons. Our hybrid vehicle fleet and our methane gas recovery systems at our landfills are just a few of the ways Land & Lakes exemplifies its commitment to cutting edge green technologies.