Willow Ranch CCDD Site

The Willow Ranch CCDD Site is located on Joliet Road just south of intersection I55 and I355 and it accepts clean construction and demolition debris and clean soils including clays and sand, concrete without exposed rebar. We also accept rock and brick material. Our site is open year round in order to serve our clients needs.


What is Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD)?

​CCDD fill is defined by the IEPA as mixtures of soil, concrete, rock, asphalt and or brick. This mixture should be free of landscape waste, exposed metal bars (rebar), waste or garbage materials and chemicals. Under the definition, this material can be considered a non-waste. The Willow Ranch CCDD site also accepts loads that are solely dirt, asphalt, concrete, brick, or rock. However, these materials should be recycled whenever possible.


What is a CCDD Facility?


CCDD facilities are not landfills. There are no engineered barriers between the deposited materials and the environment. Therefore, only chemically inert materials should be deposited in them. CCDD Facilities are a valuable resource in Illinois where construction activities generate more excavated soils than can be used on site. A CCDD facility is typically developed in an older quarry that has reached the end of its life as a mine. By depositing environmentally inert material in these older quarries as clean fill, air space at landfills is preserved. In addition, once an entire quarry is filled, the reclaimed land can be developed into commercial and industrial properties as well as residential homes.


What Regulations Govern CCDD?


The State of Illinois recently adopted 35 Illinois Administrative Code 1100 to govern and permit CCDDl facilities. In addition, Public Act 094-0725 added regulations to the Illinois Environmental Protection Act to govern CCDD facilities. In general, the State requires the operator of a facility to maintain records containing the site generators name, generating site address, and haulers identity. In addition, all loads must be screened using a photo-ionization detector and visual examination.


Land & Lakes Company CCDD Operating Procedures:

Because they are a valuable resource and contaminated materials can jeopardize the future use of the land, Land & Lakes Company pre- screens all incoming materials to ensure that only acceptable material is allowed into the site.

In addition to adhering to all of the newly adopted regulations, Land & Lakes Company adopted standard operating procedures to ensure only acceptable material is accepted at our facility. The pre-qualification procedure begins with an environmental survey of the generation location/address. Once the area is determined to be free of any environmental concerns, an approval is issued, and the CCDD materials may be received.

When the materials arrive at the site, a final screening of the clean fill is performed using a photo ionization detector, a check of pre-approval and visual inspection.This further insures that only approved materials are accepted at the facility.


How to Get Started:

Fill out both a Land & Lakes form and the appropriate IEPA form below:

>>Land & Lakes Clean Fill Application PDF

>>IEPA Clean Fill Profile Form (Commercial/Industrial) PDF

>>IEPA Clean Fill Profile Form (Residential) PDF

We strive to process each request within 48 hours of receipt. For a complete list of the most up-to-date IEPA Requirements and Forms please visit:  www.epa.state.il.us/land/ccdd/index.html

Our Environmental Compliance Department and Sales Managers are available to answer any questions you may have regarding clean fill materials or special pricing for large jobs.

>>Table of Maximum Allowable Concentrations of Chemicals PDF