Landscape Waste Composting

Progressive thinking and technical expertise led Land & Lakes to become one of the first environmental service companies in Illinois to receive landscape waste recycling permits. Since this time, we have become the state’s largest landscape waste compost operator in terms of volume of material taken in and customers served. Our state-of-the-art composting facilities have leaf, grass and brush composting capabilities.

Homeowners, municipalities and business maintenance crews may haul landscape waste to our conveniently located composting facilities.

What does Land & Lakes do with all this natural debris? Our operators recycle and convert it into 100 percent organic and contaminant-free compost. 

High quality compost is in high demand by landscapers and homeowners and is used in gardens for potting and for beautification of city parks and highway vegetation projects. An outstanding soil amendment, compost reduces run-off and evaporation, helps control erosion, helps control weeds and enhances overall appearance of landscaping.

Given that landscape waste accounts for approximately 17 percent of the total waste generated by householder, combined with the fact that landfill space in Illinois is declining, the need for composting has escalated over the past several years. Composting reduces landscape waste to approximately one-third of its original volume.

To watch a short, fun, informative video on Land & Lakes composting operations courtesy of the Illinois Recycling Association, click here.


For Landscape Waste Material Guidelines, click here.