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Food Waste Recycling

Until now, large generators of food waste have had few to no alternate options for disposal other than including it with their normal daily refuse. Today, Land and Lakes Company facilities offer the Chicagoland area the green alternative of Food Waste Recycling to those who are willing to separate food waste from their current waste stream.





Progressive thinking and technical expertise led Land & Lakes to become one of the first environmental service companies in Illinois to receive landscape waste recycling permits. Our large-scale, state-of-the-art composting facilities cover 250 acres and serve over 80 Chicago communities with leaf, grass and brush composting capabilities.

In December 2009, Land and Lakes Company was granted the City of Chicago’s first permit to operate a food waste compost facility.  Land and Lakes compost has been used for beautification of city parks and highway vegetation projects, as well as in gardens for potting.

We are ready to team up with local producers of food waste to join us in our Food Waste Recycling initiative.

If you are interested or would like more information on Food Waste Recycling, please contact us at 847.825.5000.

Chart recreated from Data courtesy of  the US EPA Website.
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