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Construction Services 

Land and Lakes Company has been providing excavation services since our inception in 1966. We have moved hundreds of millions of cubic yards of earth while completing both construction projects and environmental projects.  The combination of our personnel’s experience in projects of varying types and scopes, Land and Lakes’ fleet of specialized heavy earth-moving equipment, AND our commitment to environmental control and safety standards assure our clients that the services we provide are comprehensive and unparalleled.



Our construction project experience includes residential, commercial and industrial site development as well as artificial lakes, marinas and recreational facilities. Our expertise includes:

                         •  Land clearing

                         •  Mass site grading

                         •  Final grading

                         •  Excavation

                         •  Storm water retention basins



Our environmental project experience ranges from wetland mitigation to landfill cell development. The scope of our environmental work encompasses:

                        •  Slurry wall construction

                        •  Erosion control

                        •  Excavation of earth and rock

                        •  Installation of gas and leachate collection systems

                        •  Clay and synthetic liner systems, covers and vegetative layers

                        •  Contaminated soil and special waste removal and disposal

                        •  Landfill construction

                        •  Special waste

                        •  Brownfield/Environmental Remediation

>>To learn more about our Environmental Projects, click here.

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