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Environmental Service News​

Land and Lakes Company inducted into Recycling Hall of Fame

September 2010


On September 30, 2010, Land and Lakes Company was inducted into the Recycling Hall of Fame for its new Food Waste Recycling initiative by Keep Chicago Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

"Member of the Year" awarded to Mary Margaret Cowhey, Land and Lakes Company

​July 2009

Mary Margaret Cowhey was recognized as the "Member of the Year" for the NSWMA, where she has served on the Executive Committee, an alternate on the EIA Board of Trustees, and as a founding member of the EIA Women's Coucil.

Park Ridge Businesswoman Honored by Industry Peers with Highest Achievement
Thom Metzger, NSWMA, June 9, 2009

Mary Margaret Cowhey, Vice President with Land and Lakes Company (Park Ridge, IL) received the National Solid Wastes Management Association's (NSWA) highest award - Member of the Year - for extraordinary service to NSWMA and the waste industry. NSWA is the trade Association representing private disposal companies throughout North America.

Crain’s Recognizes Land & Lakes VP as One of the Top Women in Environmental Management

Land & Lakes Company Vice President Mary Margaret Cowhey has been recognized by Crain’s environmental publication, Waste & Recycling News, as one of the top 25 women in the environmental industry.

Tooting Their Own Horn, Waste Age  

Nancy Mann Jackson, Waste Age, December 9, 2008

Just like police and fire protection, the regular removal of solid waste is a public service that many Americans take for granted. Most people simply put their garbage out to be picked up and never think about it again. But a new image campaign, called "Environmentalists. Every Day: America's Solid Wastes Industry" and headed by the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), aims to change that and educate people across the country about the essential services provided by their local garbage workers. "The remarkable thing about our industry is that when trash is collected.

Committee Chair Profile-Joe Zepeda, The Landscape Contractor 

October, 2008

Like many, Joe Zepeda’s introduction to ILCA was a personal one. Colleague Phil Donegan at Land and Lakes’ recycling facility took him to a meeting three years ago. The attended the Legislative Luncheon and Zepeda was hooked. “It got me interested in volunteering.” he says.

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