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Special Waste

Special waste is a category of waste defined by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, which includes industrial process waste and pollution control waste. The State of Illinois requires that the generators of special waste bear the responsibility of determining what type of waste is being generated. For many, this may be a daunting task. That is NOT the case for Land and Lakes Company.

At Land and Lakes we have a competent and helpful staff, with decades of experience, who will assist you with the management of your waste materials. From the evaluation process to testing, permitting and ultimately transporting and disposing or recycling of your waste, we will assist you with every step.

Land and Lakes Company is in a unique position within the greater Chicagoland area to offer the regulated community secure, apprehensive-free disposal of many types of non-hazardous special waste materials. The company's subtitle D land disposal facility, River Bend Prairie, is located just 16 miles south of downtown Chicago, in Dolton, Illinois.

Please call to request directions to obtain a permit for disposal of special waste at our landfill. If you have questions, please contact our Environmental Department at 847.825.5000.

For more information on the IEPA definition and determination of special waste, visit the IEPA website: Do I Have a Special Waste?

For a complete list of special waste items accepted by Land and Lakes, click here.

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