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>>VILLAGE GREEN HEIGHTS, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Village Green Heights, Land & Lakes Development Co.’s initial development in Pleasant Prairie, is a 200-acre residential neighborhood located just east of the geographic center of the Village of Pleasant Prairie. When completed in its entirety, the neighborhood will consist of 218 single-family homes, 168 multi-family units and approximately 30 acres of open space.

Land & Lakes Development Co. offers fully improved lots to homebuilders and residents. Both the Design Guidelines and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions were created to ensure development of the highest quality. The established design standards are maintained through an architectural control process. The architectural style is traditional, using traditional building materials. Trees, street lamps and uniform mailboxes and coach lights further enhance a neighborhood feeling. Phase One property is 100% sold. Lots for Phase Two are nearly sold out.

Immediately north of the Village Green Heights subdivision, 33 acres of open space is being planned for both active and passive uses. The natural features, including approximately 15 acres of existing woods, will be complemented with the addition of two ponds. The area will be improved with trails, lighting, a playground and a picnic pavilion. Fields for baseball and soccer as well as courts for volleyball and basketball are also incorporated in the open space plan.

Please review the following documents to learn more about
lot sizes, availability, location, and price.

>>Site Plan

In order to insure and maintain the highest value of property at Village Green Heights, Land & Lakes Development Co. has created an Architectural Review Committee to evaluate all improvements that will be made on the property. Please review the following Mandatory Design Guidelines:

>>Homeowners Association Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Easements

>>Design Guidelines

>>Engineering Plans

>>Estimated Homeowners Association Dues 2008

>>Homeowners Association Articles of Incorporation

>>Homeowners Association By-Laws

>>Landscaping Plan

>>Memorandum of Development Agreement

>>Memorandum of Understanding Highway 165

>>Phase I Environmental Report

>>Plat of Subdivision

>>Preliminary Survey

>>Title Commitment

NOTE: All documents and other items available for inspection on this website are subject to amendment or modification, according to their terms. The Developer will update this website as needed to ensure that the documents and other items available at this website are the current versions. However, other than updating this website, the Developer assumes no responsibility to give any notice to any purchaser, prospective purchaser or other interested person of any changes.

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