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>>BRISTOL RIDGE, Bristol, Wisconsin

Phase 1 Single Family

Land & Lakes Company has recently made available 25 single family lots off Highway 50 in Bristol, Wisconsin. The lots range in size from 10,017 to 24,254 square feet. All of the homes will be built by Korndoerfer Homes.


For available home sites, please contact Kim Maksimik at 262-884-9550 or to discuss lot and home pricing and details.

Please review the following documents to learn more about lot sizes, availability, location, and price.

>>Lot Availability


>>Distribution Easements

>>Certified Survey Map No. 1437056

>>Certified Survey Map No. 15608157

>>Developer's Agreement

>>CCR Items

>>Final Plat




NOTE: All documents and other items available for inspection on this website are subject to amendment or modification, according to their terms. The Developer will update this website as needed to ensure that the documents and other items available at this website are the current versions. However, other than updating this website, the Developer assumes no responsibility to give any notice to any purchaser, prospective purchaser or other interested person of any changes.

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